MINURSO’s peacekeepers : National Day of Malawi

6 Jul 2022

MINURSO’s peacekeepers : National Day of Malawi


On 6 July, MINURSO observed Malawi Independence Day by hoisting the national flag at the Mission HQ next to the UN flag. 

Malawi first contributed troops to the UN peacekeeping in 1994. Today, Malawi contributes over 900 uniformed personnel across United Nations missions in Africa. In 2022, the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres awarded the Dag Hammarskjöld Medal posthumously to three Peacekeepers from Malawi who sacrificed their lives helping to bring security and stability in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In MINURSO, Malawian Military Observers carry out tasks at the Mission’s HQ and Team Sites. 

Malawi means “Flames of Fire” after the shimmering effect of Lake Malawi in the sun and is known as “the warm heart of Africa” for the friendliness of its people.