MINURSO’S PEACEKEEPERS: Independence Day of Nigeria

1 Oct 2022

MINURSO’S PEACEKEEPERS: Independence Day of Nigeria

On 1 October, MINURSO commemorated Nigeria’s Independence Day by raising the national flag at the Mission HQ in Laayoune.

Nigeria has consistently remained a major contributor of troops and police to United Nations peace operations for decades. The country first provided peacekeepers to the UN Mission in the Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) in 1960 – the year of its own independence.  Nigeria is also a force for regional stability, playing a lead role in UN missions in Liberia and Sierra Leone and participating and leading stability operations under the authority of the Economic Community of West African States.

Several Nigeran Generals have served as Force Commanders on UN Peace Operations and the country has also held the position of Military Adviser at UN Headquarters, the highest ranking military officer in the Organization.

In MINURSO, Nigerian peacekeepers are currently deployed at the Mission HQ in Laayoune and Team Sites west and east of the berm. The first of October is the 62nd anniversary of Nigerian independence. The colors of its national flag stand for its natural wealth (green), and peace and unity (white).

Thank you, Nigeria!