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00:12:19, Thursday, 29 Jan 2015

Expression of Interest


The expressions of interest posted on this webpage announce current and future requirements that the Mission has for its ongoing operations in Western Sahara.


As MINURSO does business solely with registered vendors in its database, companies not registered and who wish to participate in the tendering exercise related to any specific EOI should download and complete the MINURSO Vendor Registration Instructions and Forms. These should include but not be limited to detailed information demonstrating experience and qualifications in the provision of the relevant commodities/services, companies’ financial stability and information to prove competence to provide the UN with its requisites.


In addition to registering with MINURSO, vendors are encouraged to register with the United Nations Global Marketplace by visiting www.ungm.org.

General Instructions:

  • Please follow the below outlined general instructions and other detailed instructions as may be posted within each advertisement.
  • When replying to any EOI, please send an email to minursoprocurement@un.org or fax to 212.(0)528.89.27.71 to the attention of the Chief Procurement Officer. Please state the name of your company, UN vendor registration number (if applicable), EOI reference, subject and full contact details.
  • In view of the nature of these services, it is MINURSO’s preference to invite firms to the envisaged tender, which possess substantial and proven record of performance in the subject field of activities, which are recognized at an international level.
  • MINURSO intends to procure the goods/services from firms that clearly have the capacity, experience and ability to provide these services.
  • Any posted request for EOI does not constitute a solicitation.
  • MINURSO reserves the right to change or cancel any posted request for EOI at any time.
  • Submitting a reply to an EOI does not automatically guarantee that such company will be considered for receipt of the solicitation when issued. Only those prospective companies deemed qualified upon completion of an objective evaluation of their submission, will receive the final Solicitation Documents.
  • MINURSO takes this opportunity to also invite vendors to similarly visit the main United Nations web-page for advertising Expressions of Interest world wide at EOI PD Link




EOI Reference
Closing Date


Vente de véhicules en états de ferraille


                                      French     Arabic

23 Septembre 2014



Provision of Diplomatic Pouch and express Mail Services to MINURSO

Francais                            English

 15 October 2014

Provision of Aircraft Ground Handling Services to MINURSO Aircrafts at Awsard

                  Francais                       Arabic

14 November 2014