MINURSOUnited Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara

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Standards of behaviour for service in field missions:

Local woman in the streetPeacekeepers represent both the UN and their own countries.

Their conduct, both negative and positive, impacts on the success on the whole mission.


The UN embodies the aspirations of the people of the world for peace. In this context, the UN Charter requires all peacekeeping personnel to maintain the highest standards of integrity and conduct.

Peacekeepers, whether military, civilian police, or civilian, must comply with the guidelines on International Humanitarian Law for Forces Undertaking UN Peacekeeping Operations and all applicable portions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the fundamental basis of all their standards.

2 local women carrying waterPeacekeepers are present in the mission area to aid in recovery from the trauma of conflict.


As a result, they must consciously be prepared to accept social constraints in their public and private lives in order to do the work and to pursue the ideals of the UN.


At a mission, expectations of the world community and the local population will be high, and the actions of peacekeepers must be correspondingly high.


Therefore, their conduct and actions will be closely observed. (From “Ethics in Peacekeeping”, UNITAR POCI 2006, p. 2)



Conduct and Discipline unit in MINURSO:


Role of Condunct and Discipline: Terms of Reference

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