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15:07:06, Thursday, 03 Sep 2015
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SRSG and Head of MINURSO Kim Bolduc
The UN Security Council adopts unanimously the resolution 2044 (2012)
 On 24 April 2012, the Security Council adopted unanimously the resolution 2044 (2012) regarding western Sahara conflict whereby it extends MINURSO mandate till 30 April 2013. To read the full text, please see April issue of Dynamism...
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MINURSO marked the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

On 3 and 4 April 2012, MINURSO marked the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action with a programme by MACC (Mine Action Coordination Centre) to remember landmine and UXO victims as well as acknowledge the sacrifices of mine action workers around the world. The SRSG and Head of MINURSO Hany Abdel-Aziz chaired the ceremony and read the Secretary General’s message on the occasion.

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UNSG message on World Health Day

 Each year on 7 April, we observe World Health Day to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization in 1948. This year’s theme, "Good health adds life to years", conveys an important message: promoting good health throughout life improves one’s chances of remaining healthy and productive in one’s later years...click here to read the full text.

UNSG message on the International Day for Mine Awareness

 United Nations mine action programmes make an invaluable contribution to post-conflict recovery, humanitarian relief efforts, peace operations and development initiatives. They prevent landmines and other explosive ordnance from causing further indiscriminate harm long after conflicts have ended, and help to transform danger zones into productive land. Mine action sets communities on course toward lasting stability...to read more, please click here

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